The idea is to try and guess the results of the matches in the Copa América.
You submit the score for each game before the game begins. If you guess the winner for the game right you get awarded a point. If you guess the exact score of the match, you get awarded two points. Whoever gets the most points wins.
As each match begins, the predictions of all the participants are published and ranked live and automatically.


  1. Anyone can participate
  2. You can participate more than once, as long as you pay the entry fee again.
  3. To participate you must pay the fee before the first game of the tournament begins.
  4. Results for each game must be submitted before said game begins.
  5. You can go back edit the results for any game, as long as it hasn't started.

Point system:

  1. If you guess the exact score for the match, then you get 2 points.
  2. If you guess the outcome of the game (i.e. who wins, or if there is a tie) but you don't guess the exact score, then you get 1 point.
  3. All points will be added in order to obtain your total.
  4. For playoff games, only the score after regular time (first 90 minutes + injury time) will be used. Extra time and penalties are not considered.


Prizes will be given out based on how many points each player received:

  1. First Prize

    Person with the most points gets 80% of the money (minus possibly $15 that will go to the last place).
    If there is a tie for first place, 100% of the money will be evenly split among winners (again, minus possibly the Loser prize).
  2. Second Prize

    Second place gets 20% of the money. Unless there was a tie in first place in which case they get all the money.
  3. Loser Prize

    If you were the very last place, you get your entry fee ($15) back.
    In order to qualify for this prize, you must submit all your results on time and not tie for last with anyone.


Entry fee is $15 USD (that's it!). There are two ways you can pay to enter:

  1. Pay personally.You can pay Marcos or Jaramillo in Austin, TX. If you are in Monterrey, Mexico, you can give the money to Moi.
  2. Wells Fargo. Use the website to make a transfer. Ask me through email for the number.