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Latest News

July 16, 2007:

Serge proudly displays his $15 restitution
It's over. An exciting finish for La Polla América results in two winners: papichulo and gringo.
I guess those two games that adi didn't fill out ended up costing him dearly. Too bad.
The restitution goes to serge, who was the last place (of those who filled out all results) with no ties. Congratulations!

July 06, 2007:

The first round of the tournament is now over, and adi remains as the sole leader of the Polla.
Congratulations, but this is far from over.
The teams playing in the Quarterfinals are now updated, so go and submit your results!

June 27, 2007:

After some last minute payments, the number of participants is 68. This may still vary if some of the deposits to the Mexican bank still come through (or don't) - they take a couple of days to show up.
This means that the total Polla is $1020. If there are no ties, the first place takes home $804, second place takes $201 and the last place gets his $15 back (as long as he enters results for every game, of course.
If you don't show up in the Results table, but did pay, let me know so we can correct the situation.
Also, if you see any bugs or mistakes in the Polla, shoot me an email.

June 26, 2007:

And it begins! Huge success. 64 people signed up, bringing the total polla to $960! (bigger than the FIFA World Cup 2006 Polla
Best luck to all, thanks for playing, and don't forget to enter your results on time and post to the forum.
Current results can be seen here (or use link on top of page).

June 25, 2007:

Less than 24 hours to go. Things are looking good. Over 30 people have signed up and paid as of now.
If you haven't paid, do it now!
If you haven't told your friends, do it now!
If you haven't entered your results for the first games - do it now!
We're running out of time, people...

June 20, 2007:

The online form for entering results is now online!
Go and enter your predictions. Remember that you don't have to enter them all at once and that you can come back and edit all you want as the tournament progresses (but not for those games that have already started, obviously). Remember, the first game is on the 26th! Make sure you have paid, submitted results and invited your friends.
Good luck!

June 19, 2007:

The form for submitting your results is almost done... be patient now!.
In the meantime, make sure to tell your friends to sign up. Time is running out.
Stay tuned...

June 14, 2007:

After the huge success of last year's FIFA World Cup 2006 Polla we received lots of requests to have another one for the Copa América.
Well, it's on!!! Sign up as soon as you can and invite your friends.
The more people we have, the bigger the prize and the bigger the fun!
More details to follow...